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Lent Devotional Readings


Day 37- March 22, 2018- Scripture Psalm 34, 146 Selected by Alexander Clark   

These scriptures speak on worship and asking for favor from the lord. I have not put my trust in man as non believers do as to trust in man is building a castle on sinking sand. To worship means to have a feeling of expression of reverence and adoration for my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am acknowledging that without him I can’t do anything and expect to be blessed. My favorite verse says “happy is he who has the God of Jacob as his help whose hope is in the lord his God“ it brings to mind if I keep my mind stayed on him he will keep me in perfect peace!!!! For they that seek the lord shall not want any good thing because I have been blessed with more than enough to keep me in perfect peace!!!


Day 36- March 21, 2018- Scripture Hebrews 9:11-15 Selected by Sis. Linda Bishop     


Jesus came from heaven, there he had went in the Most Holy Place.  Not sacrificing the blood of animals but His own precious powerful blood, so that we will not have to be put to death for sinning knowingly and unknowingly.  This sacrifice enable us to decide whether or not to willing give our lives to the Heavenly Father and to show Him how grateful, dedicated we are to fellowship with Him as well as thankful for his son making such sacrifice so that we will be forgiven for our sins and be granted new mercies everyday. Through the blood sacrifice of the Lord n Savior Jesus Christ , we have the greatest opportunity of the work , which is to serve the Father of all the earth by fulfilling His commands n carrying out the work of the Church

Day 35- March 20, 2018- Scripture  Judges 9: 7-15 Selected by Elder Carlene Commuck                       


What stands out to me in this scripture is how the lust for power and position can take over and control our whole persona. It shifts our focus from our work for the true and living God, the only ruler and King of the World. So let us not be like the unworthy bramble, a thorny shrub with no good substance, nothing to uplift the people of God. Rather let us be fruitful trees who knew their worth and desired to use it for everything that’s right.         So in this lent season let us recognize that their is one King and he is the God of our Salvation! Let us pray not to be the controller but like the Great patriarchs of the bible who were willing to be controlled by God. Let him be-the center of our every being....Greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world.

Day 34-  March 19, 2018- Psalm 27:1-3  Selected by Sis. Inez Williams 

From childhood, adolescent and adulthood, fear has played a major part in many of our lives. As time goes by, we look back and wonder why. At the time we did not understand the love that God has for us. This scripture lets us know that because of God, we no longer have worry or doubt. For by His grace we are protected from any enemy that is trying to knock us down. By believing, trusting and having faith in His love, we can go to the Lord in prayer. We can have a talk with Jesus and our fears will be dealt with in His glory.  God has brought us through many storms and it is His will to continue protecting and loving us.

Day 33-  March 18, 2018- Romans 12:1  Selected by Presiding Bishop Linda Spence

In this portion of scripture, Paul urges the believers and converts of Rome to present themselves to God as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God.  A body that will be a “living sacrifice!”  This is interesting because offering a “sacrifice” requires something or someone to be killed.  So the question is how can we present our bodies as a sacrificial offering and live?  By accepting Jesus Christ as the sacrificial offering to live!

Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins upon Calvary’s Cross.  He is the sacrificial lamb for the sins of the world.  When he died on the cross and rose again from the dead Jesus became a “living sacrifice.”  The moment we believe in the sacrifice He made on the cross and confess that belief with our own mouths, the “living sacrifice” takes up residence within our hearts/bodies to conquer the power of sin, death and the grave.  When the living sacrifice, Jesus Christ, lives within us, we can present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy, acceptable to God without guilt or shame!

​Day 32- March 17, 2018- Psalms 105 Selected by Anita  Bethea-Wilson


 God is good.this scripture tells us to follow God rules call him when we need him. Praying  and praise is what God likes and what we need. God is our creator, healer, provider and protector. Psalms 105 verse 12 through 15 reminded me when we did not have our own space to have Church service. God had his arms around cathedral God brought us out of Egypt like in
Verse 43. Now cathedral church family can use a key open the doors of the church and stay as long as we want. It is Our Job to learn about God then share this good news to everybody

Day 31- March 16, 2018- Exodus 2:23- 3:15 Selected by Deaconess Susan Smalls

This scripture describes how God heard the groaning from the children of Israel who were held in bondage in Egypt, and how He instructed Moses to demand the release of the Israelites from slavery. 10 “Come now, therefore, and I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring My people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.” God remembered His covenant made with the patriarchs. 15 “ Moreover God said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: “The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.”
God keeps all His promises.
Moses had his doubts, God met him at the Burning Bush. Moses questioned his eloquence, God sent Aaron. Moses also questioned how to convince the children of Israel. Moses questioned and God answered. If we could just trust in the Lord like Moses did, follow His directions and say
4 “Here I am.” Then Salvation is ours.

Day 30- March 15, 2018- 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 - Selected by Deacon Donna Saddler

In 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 Paul encourages us with deep concern in the ways that we should walk and show love to one another as followers of Christ   These traits of love are goals for us to aim at in our lives as Christians.  They are spiritual acts that can only be acquired or developed truly in the lives of us who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as our risen Lord and Savior.  Paul makes it clear that God's love is absolute, beautiful, permanent and unchanging with no limits.

Day 29- March 14, 2018- 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 (MSG) - Selected by Deacon Michele Smalls

Before we knew who the real God was, we were idolizing false gods (money, friends or status) doing things that everyone else was doing, but the spirit of God would not allow us to follow any one except Jesus Christ, the true God.  The holy spirit gives us gifts, we all don't have the same gifts, but the gifts we have is to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ with our gifts for one common purpose to glorify God.

Day 28- March 13, 2018-  Psalm 34 - Selected by Presiding Elder- Elect Rosanne Hassell

We must praise the Lord at all times for all that He has done, is doing and will do in our individual life.  God always hears our cries and He will answer.  For those of us that fear (reverence) the Lord, He will deliver.


Verse 8 says "Taste and see that the Lord (our God) is good."  The word "is" stands out for me because the psalmist didn't say "was", he said "is" (present tense).  In order to tell someone to taste the Lord (try the Lord) , we have to have tried Him, trusted Him for ourselves.  We have to have that personal relationship with Him.  Having a personal relationship with God means that we talk to Him, we pray to Him and we fellowship with Him.   If we take refuge (trust) in the Lord, we will always be blessed.  We may be disappointed because His Will is not our will, but we will be blessed.

Day 27- March 12, 2018- Mark: 33-35 (NLT)- Selected by Elder - Elect Andrea Davis

As this deaf man with a speech impediment was brought to Jesus and the people begged Him to heal the man, Jesus led the man away from the crowd, so they could be alone. We must come to Jesus for our self in prayer, yes, it’s great that others pray for us. But Jesus is informing us that He wants that alone time with us, so we can to lay it all at his feet. Ephphatha which means Be opened in Aramaic, He will openly bless us by delivering, healing, and restoring us. For Jesus knows all about us and what we need from Him, but he wants us to depend and lean on Him not human,
for its humans that He uses. Some may say, I don’t know how to pray; but you don’t have to use fancy words, because He hears the prayers of your heart and that’s what His ear is listening to, just speak and He’ll speak back and move in the will of God.

Day 26- March 11, 2018- Psalm 84- Selected by Minister Noelis Rodriguez

Allow Jesus Christ in your hearts Today. Let Him walk through your heart clearing  the roads that have blocked you from having the Peace, Joy  and Love that only comes from living and being in God's presence. We long for so many things, thinking that once obtained it'll satisfy us and make us complete. Jesus Christ is the only one who can fill in any void, provide for every need and help live a purposeful life here on earth.

Day 25- March 10, 2018- Exodus 32:7-14- Selected by Missionary Doris Weston

What I received from this scripture is that there is only ONE GOD who acquires our full attention on him and him alone (no idol worshipping will do). He knows everything pertaining to us good or bad and loves us regardless of our faults, he keeps on giving us chance after chance after chance until we get it right. How can we even try to fool a GOD that knows ALL things, controls ALL things and created ALL things. We have to realize that everything we have is because of him and him alone, (the lord giveth and the lord taketh) Who else would give up their only begotten child for us? So we must give him ALL the glory, ALL the praise and ALL the honor because he deserves it and so much more. Where would we be without him, still in our Egypt. So we must wait on the LORD AND PRAISE HIM IN ADVANCE. HALLELUJAH!!!!!         

Day 24- March 9, 2018- Mark 6: 47-56 - TLB Selected by Ralph Deloach

In this passage the disciples did not have trust in Jesus until they saw that it was him who walked on water towards them.

He calmed the storms and winds all around them. God is telling us to trust in Him, even when we don't see Him in our situations and circumstances.


Day 23- March 8, 2018- Psalm 32

We have a fresh start in Life, we don't have to bottle up anything within us. Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer who will listen to every cry and  groan and heal us. It is because of His dying on the cross and overcoming death when He rose from the grave that we have a chance to get it right. Nothing can stop us, not even our past life, if we give it all to Jesus.

Day 22- March 7, 2018- 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 - NLT Selected by Ebony Troncoso

In this passage of scripture, a question is posed about eating food that has been offered to idols. But not perishable food that we eat to nourish our bodies, spiritual food; the word of Christ. As Christians, we believe that there is only one true and living God that has died for us and that is the God we worship. We should never feel like we’re “too knowledgeable” of the word and that there is nothing else for us to learn about God. Yes, it’s great to know about God, all the miracles he’s performed, and how he rose on the third day. But it’s the love of God within us that
strengthens the church and may encourage anyone that we interact with. If we are not sharing our knowledge of Christ and that love of God that is within us, then what are we really doing as Christians?





Day 21- March 6, 2018 -  Psalm 91 Selected by Elder - Elect Sheila Moses

The first verse in this scripture states, "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty". In order to dwell in the secret place of the Most High we have to have a close relationship with God.  Its the same as with any relationship, if you want to get to know someone and get closer to them you have to spend time with them and spending time with God means spending much time in prayer and much time reading and studying his Word. The more time we spend with God the closer we draw to him.  It's then that we can "dwell in the secret place of the Most High" and when we dwell in the secret place we have an unbroken fellowship with God.  So we don't have to worry or fear because God is always with us, blessing us and protecting us from all things seen and unseen and when we call on him he said he will answer us and be with us in our times of trouble, because we "dwell in the secret place of the Most High". To God be the glory!

Day 20- March 5, 2018 - Psalm 39

God is our only hope in times of trouble. We ought to cry out to Him and seek Him before looking for guidance through anyone else. God is the only one who can truly send us a peace that surpasses all understanding, can send us clarity and guide us out when we are going through.

Day 19- March 4, 2018 - Romans 8:1-10 Selected by Doris Ryder

What this scripture is saying to me is that the we are free. We are free because Jesus died to free us from sin which is death. We now live under his Holy Spirit. His Holy Spirit gives us life. As we live this life here on earth we have to listen to what the spirit wants us to do. We cannot let sin have power over our lives as it is not pleasing to God. As long as Christ lives in us we will live even though our body dies it doesn't matter we will be made right with God.

Day 18- March 3, 2018 - 1 Corinthians 7:10-24 Selected by Elder - Elect Cheryl Covington

During this lent season the Lord is telling us that it is better to remain married or single and focus on the purpose of God. It is the Lord’s will that we live in peace within our spirit than to allow the flesh to dictate our morals and value that we have in Lord.

The Lord is also telling us to be content in whatever position he has place us in according to life.  Jesus knows what we need and when we need it according to his rich and glory. Don’t allow Satan to cause our fleshly desire to place us in life that God has not ordained. Desiring other people or someone else life style is not the will of God but the will of man.



Day 17- March 2, 2018 - Revelation 3: 1-6 Selected by Elder - Elect Tabetha Cobb

During this lent season God is letting us know that although we are physically alive we are spiritually dead in some places. The great thing about the God we serve is that He give us the chance to get right in Him. Just like any parent who loves their child, He shows us where we went wrong and helps us to get it right. He wants us to repent and turn back to Him. He will give us the strength we need to move forward in our spiritual journey in Him. When we repent and turn back to God He will restore us with strength and power to fight against the temptations to do wrong and from the things that went against Him causing us to slowly die in some areas of our spiritual lives. We will start fresh and new in Him, reaffirming our relationship with Him and our life in Him. We will go back to the place where we first believed God, back to that first encounter with God when He stepped in and rescued us showing us who He is, the power He has, the saving grace and new mercies He gives us each day that He blesses us life. We will return to the place where we had a joy that we never experienced before and peace that only He can give. We will be able to walk forward,  righteously and Holy living our lives according to Him and when He returns He will look upon us and say “We’ll done my good and faithful servant.”

Day 16- March 1, 2018 - Psalm 147:12-20 Selected by Elder- Elect Malik Spence

This scripture starts out by saying Glorify the Lord. I believe this means God must be praised with the highest of honor and regard. There is no one like Him. He’s so unique in His awesomeness and that must be acknowledged when praising Him. The highest praise for man can never measure up to the level of power God displays. He’s able to send mighty winds and snow that can chill the entire earth. That’s power! Furthermore He’s able to remove it all as if it never took place! I believe this scripture is reminding us that when glorifying God, we must remember what He’s capable of doing. And it’s when we grasp the knowledge of His might and glory, we’ll be able to see it in everything around us!

Day 15- February 28, 2018 - Psalm 147:1-11

Today, place your hope in God's unfailing love, Jesus Christ. Our sustainer, our redeemer and provider whose understanding has no limit. while you go on with your day to day routine and activities, make sure you keep God first by seeking, acknowledging and praising Him!

Day 14- February 27, 2018 - Psalm 25: 14 Selected by Charmel McFarlane

Philip Yancey states that “ Authentic worship encompasses both friendship with God and fear (awe) of God. The invitation to become intimate with a powerful and holy God must be gratefully accepted, understanding that we are flawed and undeserving human beings. Throughout the passage of Psalm 25, David paints vividly the character of God and lets us know that without God we will always go astray. It is from this knowledge that our friendship with God and awe of God develops. 

In this season of lent and going forward let us worship from a place of astonishment and boldness knowing that our Father, Redeemer, Deliverer, Healer, Rescuer, Righteousness, Glorious, and Holy God is our friend. 



Day 13- February 26, 2018 - Psalm 119:73-80:145 Selected by Marley Nation

We should trust God because he is good and will never change. He will never let us fall. Although we struggle we should trust God enough to try and follow his rules. He gives us rules to help us and make life easier for us.We can’t follow it exactly because we are human and we’re born into sin. But we should have trust enough to at least try. Sometimes it feels like we hit rock bottom but there’s a bright side, the only other to go is up and God will take us there. God does all those good things so, he deserves honor and praise. He does so many incredible things that all the things on land and water put together is incapable of praising him enough so, we should praise him forever and ever.

Day 12- February 25, 2018 - Romans 6:1-14 (NLT) Selected by  Presiding Elder - Elect Lenore Sawyer

Sin is no longer my master; I live under the freedom of God’s grace.  I am no longer bound by the requirements of the Law.  Because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I am free from sin’s hold.  Though we have died to sin because of what Christ did for us on the cross, sin is still a problem.  We should not make the members of our bodies the slaves of sin reigning within us.  Sometimes we are overtaken or overcome by the sin but we have the power to repent and take back control over our bodies because of God’s grace.


As we entered into our Lent season this year, some of us may have decided to give up sweets, meats, a meal, start to read the bible more, to pray more, or help in the community/church as our sacrifice to the Lord. Whatever your sacrifice is to the Lord, use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God.  Let us not pick up those negative sinful habits again after our 40 days are over.  Enjoy your new life in Christ; remember you have control over it because of God’s grace.  “Give yourselves completely to God”.

Day 11- February 24, 2018 - Psalm 31 (LPB)

This scripture tell us that we should always trust in the Lord.  It doesn’t matter if it looks like our enemies are all around us, they will never be able to finish us off!.  We can and should cry out to the God of our salvation and know that He always has a listening ear for His people. We are to bless the Lord for His loving kindness and grace towards us. The last verse in this Psalm says “Oh, love the Lord, all of you who are his people; for the Lord protects those who are loyal to him, but harshly punishes all who haughtily reject him. So cheer up! Take courage if you are depending on the Lord.”


Day 10- February 23, 2018 - Psalm 27 (LPB) Selected by Elder - Elect Raymond Saddler

Top three points that jumped out into my spirit point one: when he said, “the Lord is my light and my salvation”.  God is the light in those dark places in your life. He sent his son Jesus Christ to give us salvation. Second Point “ living in his presence every day of my life.”  What an experience that is in knowing that the Almighty God is always with you everywhere you go. last point “when evil man come to destroy me, they will stumble and fall”. The reason why they will stumble and fall, is because the most high God light is shining all around me, and through me.  The evil darkness cannot distinguish that spiritual light of the Almighty God that’s why they stumble & fall. He is an absolute God, the protector, King of Kings & strong tower. What a friend we have in Jesus!



Day 9- February 22, 2018 - Psalm 27: 4-6 (KJV) Selected by Presiding Elder Diane Berry

David wanted to be found in the House of the Lord, meditating and living in His Presence everyday of his life.  After all we have been through – Slavery, disenfranchisement, redlining, voter corruption, police brutality and the like, we have kept our faith in God.  Yes, even through our trouble we fast, pray, meditate, shout, and experience the beauty of the Lord.  We are hidden in the secret of his tabernacle.    A place prepared for those who trust, believe and have faith in God.

He will then set us upon a rock.  This Rock is Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, “And upon this Rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”  We are the Church.  Isn’t it good to know that  even though we are expose to the enemy, we will be hidden in the secret of His tabernacle?  Then this Jesus, the One who died on the Cross, shed His Blood and rose from the dead, He will hide us. Then we can get to the business of lifting our head above our enemies in Victory.  We can sing praises and offer sacrifices of joy, SHOUTING our troubles over.


Day 8 - February 21, 2018 - 1 Corinthians 2:1-11 (NLT) Selected by Presiding Elder Beverly Moore

The verses that stood out to me are verses four and five.  True wisdom is not showing how wise you are or how educated and eloquent you are able to speak.  True wisdom concerning Jesus Christ is the ability to make the Gospel plain so that someone will be able to hear it and understand it.  The purpose of the Gospel is so that all will Trust in the Power of Jesus Christ.  The lost, the sick, and the weak Christ-less people of this world need The Power of Jesus Christ. True wisdom is leaning on the Power of the Holy Spirit and not our own abilities as we proclaim and serve Jesus Christ.  The Spirit of God reveals to us the will of God when we maintain a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

Day 7 - February 20, 2018 - Mark 1:29-45 Selected by Elder-Elect Dominique Livingston

Jesus Christ came down to earth with a purpose and a plan for God's will to be done. He came to save all of God's children by spreading His Word and revealing himself to us. In this scripture He was going from town to town revealing His authority over demonic spirits and His ability to give complete healing to those who believed that he is the son of God. Simon and Andrew's faith led Christ to heal Simon's mother-in-law with just a touch. And she was able to not only get up but cook and serve the whole house. He then healed and delivered all the people that was brought to Him and demonstrated His power over the evil spirits by casting them out without allowing them to even speak. His popularity and fame continued to grow but he continued to move on and preach and teach to those who didn't know Him. He also gave complete healing to a leper because of his faith, knowing that Christ was able to heal him if He was willing. He sent the leper to the priest to validate his cleansing as a testimony but he couldn't keep it to himself, he told everyone on the way. Today we continue His mission by spreading the Gospel to those who don't know Christ as their Lord and savior. But we must first believe in Him for ourselves.

Day 6 - February 19, 2018 - Mark 1:1-13 Selected by Elder Hubert Battle

Mark tells us that Christ is truly human. He has a human name – Jesus.  Mark tells us that Christ is truly divine and that He is the promised Messiah, the Son of God. We see in Mark that Jesus is truly unique and He is both humanity and divinity in one person. He is the true source of good news. Jesus along is the source of salvation.

Day 5 - February 18, 2018 -  Daniel 9:3-10 Selected by Deacon S. Kerr

This scripture is a story written by Daniel the Prophet, who was terribly saddened about how the people were being  rebellious against the law of God,as he  included himself. Daniel turned to God and pleaded with Him in prayer and fasting. Daniel felt terrible about this and was extremely remorseful.He expressed this physically by wearing rough sackcloth and sprinkling himself with ashes.

 In summary we must try our best to abide by the laws of God .And when we fall short  and we will.We must go to God in prayer and be remorsefully sorry by  asking for forgiveness by confessing our wrong doing. Remember God will always fulfill His promises of unfailing love to those who love him and keep his commands.

Day 4 - February 17, 2018 -  John 17:20-26 Selected by Elder-Elect Jamel Moses 

In this scripture Jesus is praying for His disciples that He is teaching now, and those that will come in the future. Jesus says in verse 21 that His prayer is that we all will be of one heart and mind just as He and the Father are because the goal is for us to become one with both the Father and Jesus. But in order to become one with the Spirit we must not be in the flesh, and in this time of Lent we are giving up certain things and taking on certain things that will both subject our flesh to His will and strengthen our inner man to become more like Christ, thus getting closer and closer to becoming one with both the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. 

Then in verse 22 Jesus says that He has given us "the glorious ability of being one.." which means that this oneness that we strive for isnt a foreign place, it isn't a strange thing. We all possess the ability to become one with the The Father and His Son, but in order to become one with them we must fast from some things during this lent season in order to weaken the control that the flesh has over us and we must take on new habits that build up and exercise our spirits (inner man). In doing this we detach from the world and reconnect with the heavens, and we do all of this "so that the world will know you (God) sent me (Jesus) and will understand that you (God) love them as much as you love me (Jesus). [Verse 23]

So begin to take this lent season more seriously because you fast and take on new habits to not only strengthen your relationship with Christ but to also save someones soul. For if we are divided from the Father and His Son Jesus Christ the gospels message and Gods mighty love wont be understood or felt and the body of Christ will suffer.

Day 3 - February 16, 2018 - Psalm 148  (TLB) Selected by  Deacon Tony Saddler

The Lord deserves our praise for everything he has created. We should praise him through the good and bad times, through heartaches and pain. He alone is worthy of all praise. His presence and glory is greater than anything on this earth. He has made so many of us stronger believers. Let’s continue to praise the Lord!

Day 2 - February 15, 2018 - Psalm 91:1-2 (TLB) Selected by PE Troncoso

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, "My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!"

What is God telling us?

This scripture reminds us that God is our shelter and protector. If we dwell in the shadow of the Lord we never have to worry about anything. His shadow will protect us and keep us safe. Dwelling in the Lord’s shadow is a position of trust. The Lord’s presence is everywhere; there is no place where you can flee or hide from the Lord. We have to know without a doubt that He is in control of every situation. But we must accept Him as Lord and Savior and develop a relationship with Him in order to dwell in His shadow of protection.

Day 1- February 14, 2018 - Amos 5:6-15 (MSG) - Selected by Dondra Saddler

“So seek God and live! You don’t want to end up with nothing to show for your life, But a pile of ashes, a house burned to the ground. For God will send just a fire, and the firefighters will show up too late.” 

What is God telling us?

Time is winding down for us; if we are not giving the Lord our all, or if we afraid to fully experience the presence of the Lord in our lives. Then we are wasting time and slowly burning up. No one will be able to save us from the fire God will send if our spiritual house is not in order. We must seek and be consumed by the will of God to save our eternal lives. The rest of the scripture was so blunt about the consequences of a person that strives to do evil, wants to block righteousness, and overlook the needs of the poor and less fortunate. This scripture reminds us that we are children of the most high God, and our purpose in life is to worship Jesus the Christ. We can want all the materialistic items that our minds can fathom, but if we have not first sought the Lord and all his righteousness, we will never enjoy the worldly things we desire. If we profess our belief, love, faith and trust in the Lord, we must show some signs. Seek him now so you can hear him say, well done my good and faithful servant.

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